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Our Vision

The Axebridge philosophy is to become a global partner for our clients through various initiatives including structuring and wealth management corporate and private client solutions based on respect, risk management and a thorough understanding of each client’s business and planning model.

We understand that our international clients are driven by the need to continuously grow and understand, creating and sustaining wealth for their families and shareholders and are willing to examine alternative, sometimes out-of the-box solutions to achieve cost efficient and reliable efforts in this regard. We also understand that a partner means not only sharing the successes but helping to resolve some of the failures where is most needed.

Mission Statement

Axebridge’s mission is to be the solutions-based professional of choice to select clients with specific business needs which may include global treasury and other cross border needs. With over US$700 million of assets under administration, Axebridge seeks to strategically manage client risks and growth goals collaborating with key strategic partners to specialize in private client wealth management and corporate global strategy.

Axebridge… Strength with flexibility.

The Axebridge Group of companies includes the following:

i. Axebridge International (Barbados) Limited (“AIL”) – as a holding and consulting Barbados International Business Company AIL works with corporate and private clients worldwide to offer solutions for various structures including estate planning, asset protection, risk management, cross border transactions and M&A services. Combining inherent capability and strategic partnerships, AIL provides traditional solutions (trusts, corporate management, escrow services, investment management, fund administration, banking) and bespoke ideas for clients and the group.

ii. Axebridge Corporate Services Limited (“ACL”) –is the operating company of the group providing general services to Caribbean companies including:

  • Company formation and implementation

  • Corporate Secretary and Registered Office

  • Maintenance of company statutory records including financial statements and minute books

  • Resident Corporate and Individual Directorships

  • Accounting, Reporting and Administration

  • Corporate Reorganisation including dissolution, amalgamation and company migration

  • Payroll and other Bespoke services

With our strategic partners our value proposition includes an expansive product suite including

  • Legal Services

  • Estate and Executorship Services

  • Corporate and Private Trust and other fiduciary services

  • Banking, Investment and Treasury Management Services

  • Global Custody Services

  • Private Fund Administration

A Case Study

Barbados is a mature jurisdiction with an offshore insurance industry established since in 1983 with over 300 active insurance companies particularly captives which has been key in managing our risk program.The use of a Barbados IBC as a Treasury Centre (TC) to centralize or decentralize treasury management for multinationals is a well-established practice due to tax efficiency of DTA’s, mature banking...

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